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Website Design: Prices

The cost of a website depends on whether it is a new site or a makeover to an existing site, on the number of pages and features in the required design.

It also depends on whether you already have a very clear idea in mind of the design you require (which would reducing our design input) and whether you plan to sell products and services from the website. Finally it depends on whether you will be able to supply a logo (or need to design the logo) and whether you will supply quality images to use on the site.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will then quote for the work.

Prices for our other services

We also offer domain registration, setting up web hosting, video editing, image editing, text editing (copywriting) and setting up e-bulletin campaigns (follow links under 'Other Services' in the menu).

Again please contact us to discuss our services and your requirements and we can then price the work.