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Sell goods and services on your website

We can add payment buttons and a shopping cart to your webpages using "Mal's Ecommerce".
Read more about why we use Mal's Ecommerce HERE

Below are two payment buttons linked to the PC Websites 'demo'shopping cart (using Mals Ecommerce). Select a product from the upper button's drop-down options to open the shopping cart. In the cart click 'Continue Shopping' to return to this page. If you click on the lower single-product button (named 'Add to Cart £4') you will see how the shopping cart now lists both products.

View a website we coded with 'buy buttons' using Mal's Ecommerce HERE

User-friendly payment buttons and shopping cart

For your website

We can add your required delivery charges, for example a flat delivery charge (eg £5 per order), or a delivery charge only for overseas orders. If you sell products and services on your site then the required delivery charge will only apply when products are added to the cart.

An alternative e-commerce system we can use if preferred is Shopify Lite